New Ark Lighting Oy specializes in import sales of architectural lighting products. Partnering with leading brands, Esse-Ci, PAN Int, and Lodes formerly known as Studio Italia Design, IP44, Top Light+ more. Following the latest advances in lighting today- a primary selection of lighting products include applications for corporate office facilities, retail spaces, hospitality, health care facilities, exteriors, and private home projects.


Esse-Ci In Light We Trust 2020

Esse-Ci, established in 1984, manufactures its product portfolio in Italy. Esse-ci products are synonymous for their attention to detail and richness in style, thanks to the input of professional, internationally renowned designers, which is helping Esse-Ci become a leading supplier within the architectural market. Due to price competitiveness and depth of product range, Esse-Ci has grown to become an international player in the architectural lighting market and now exports to all five continents. Esse-Ci is located in Vigonza (Padova) Italy, the heart of Italian design excellence with a heritage rich in style. They manufacture in over 4000 square meters of dedicated real estate and employ an extensive team of specialized professionals, who use state-of-the-art technology. Today, Esse-Ci represents a benchmark in the market for lighting solutions based on LED technology, standing out for quality and innovation.

Studio Italia Design is now LODES

In 2020, as the company celebrates its 70th anniversary, Studio Italia Design changes to Lodes, to consolidate our commitment to distinctive decorative design.

Since 1950, our company has been creating lighting pieces with special attention paid to the best manufacturing techniques and to contemporary design languages, to bring to life veritable decorative pieces.

The beginning of a great story. 

Exclusive collaborations to create unique and ingenious luminaries: by form, content, aesthetics and functionality.
Lighting every need in modem living.
The path of innovation also leads to extreme customization: an answer to the needs that come with
new Lifestyles thanks to inventive new products custom-made for a variety of different interiors and tailored solutions developed with the leaders in contemporary architecture.

INDOOR/OUTDOOR professional lighting

Our company is capable of meeting all lighting technology needs through products with high aesthetic standards and performances. Our vision is to be a reliable Italian partner for the development and realization of your lighting projects. The PAN International range of products includes a variety of high performing lighting systems capable of meeting the most demanding requirements of technical lighting design.

Solutions for everyone. PAN International offers a very wide range to partners and customers. We respond to all the most common demands in the lighting market for indoor and outdoor use. The services that we are able to offer customers: a large stock, extremely good value for money and customer service, which have brought us considerable success and allow us to look positively to the future.

Featuring Illuminated Mirrors +more

Featuring >>Illuminated Mirrors<< TOP-LIGHT is recognized for its high quality illuminated mirrors. Products are made in Spenge, Germany at their facilities. A long history insures quality and know how. The illuminated mirrors are of unmatched quality, cut to any measurement. Various models and shapes are available to match your special needs. Individuality and every requirement of illumination for commercial or private objects is included.

Top Light -Made in Germany.

IP44 specializes in outdoor lighting applications

A German company which produces quality outdoor light fittings. Attention to detail and clean lines makes IP44 stand out in traditional and modern building elements. Care is taken for tough outdoor climate conditions. Lamps function on 230V which eliminates led drivers. Click on the logo for outdoor product selection, innovative products and further details

What IP44 says About Form and Function: 
'Besides having a pleasing appearance and providing attractive illumination,a good outside light stands out with a whole number of functional qualities. Among others, it must be glare-free and designed to be so durable that it withstands the full range of extreme weather conditions such as sun, frost, humidity and wind.' 

Our story

I am Robert Helineva, (USA) I am the owner/operator of New Ark Lighting Oy - an import company specializing in lighting products since 2013. 

I have a university degree from Oakland University  I was active within the theatre department and specialized in theatrical production, lighting and sound. Previous to that, I was active with Wayne State theatre in Detroit and the Bonstelle theatre. 

Even during High School I was involved with television and radio production at WLSD channel 35 in Lansing, Michigan. 
We did live radio and television broadcasts and filmed public interest newscasts and sporting events among other topics. 

I always enjoyed being a part of a team with the goal of the bigger picture. 
Being surrounded with other artistically gifted persons was/is something special and enriching.  I immigrated to Finland in 1990. I met my wife in Michigan and I chose to follow her and build a 'new life' and adventure in Finland. 

I was fortunate to get a good start in Finland, considering I couldn't speak the language, didn't understand the norms here, and, being far from from home. I was employed at Machinery Oy â€‹an import company with a long storied history. Personally, it was an important 7 years in terms of my life in Finland. I learned the language (still learning) gained experience in Finnish lifestyle, and norms. Soon thereafter, our family included two boys which made me 'dig in' further and build my life in Finland. 

In 2005 I was employed at Pejan Oy (today IGuzzini Finland). This was a nice experience and important to me this experience tied me back to my educational background and interests. I did various tasks, warehouse, deliveries, demo events, lighting sales and more. I was trained further at IGuzzini courses and seminars in Italy and Finland. At this time 2009, LED lighting was just beginning as we know it today. These advances in LED technology revolutionized the industry to where we are today. 

In 2013 I started my own mini micro sized lighting business. New Ark Lighting Oy had its humble beginnings working from my home. I have maintained a footing and have had co- operation with companies big and small. I have realized projects for corporate customers, and also private homes and all sizes in between. 

Today I am co operating with Esse-Ci Lighting, specializing in architectural lighting. PAN International, a budget orientated lighting company with a variety of decorative and architectural products. Studio Italia Design, with a long tradition in glass and metal treatments with timeless design. Also, many other smaller lighting brands based on customer requests or new technologies and products. I am optimistic about the future and where the future of New Ark Lighting takes me.  

In my spare time activities include, I enjoy travel, active in sports, and active in my local church   




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